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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

union government Programes for people welfare were not allowed to reach its main Purpose. Investment made meaningless by state governments in rule . state level BJP people were also not questioned on this.

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Swash Bharat  - CLEAN BHARAT.  a Good Program which made all up countries to turn around their eyes and ears towards India. But State Governments ruling were not shown interest and made that scheme a failure. But on Health care it is a need and Must. for example I am living at t.Nagar. at T.Nagar Bus stand near Police station and in the opposite Road which leads many lakhs of people to go to ranganathan street a Business HUB of Chennai where E.Toilets were installed and not maintained properly and in 4 months those were removed and taken by corporation of Chennai. Corporation is under state control. why wrong administration. Interest shown only to buy and Install because commission corruption and not interested in maintenance.

so union government Programes for people welfare were not allowed to reach its main Purpose. Investment made meaningless by state governments in rule . state level BJP people were also not questioned on this. 

2.if you go to Triumala  by Train than you need to go to Renigunta. from their your coach to Thirupati will be disconnected and to proceed. But from Renigunta to Tirupathi  You can not see out side why because still women/poor ladies use the track side path as open Toilets. this is still continuing even in Lord Rama and Lord Krishna avatar acted by Late Mr.N.T.Rama rao founder of Telugu Desam party and now party lead by Mr.Chandra babu Naidu. Late Mr.N T Ramarao was Chairman of Tirumala Temple for years. This Tirumala Temple is on competition with MECCA AND VATICAN City in Collection on every Year.  Oh God ,No developments in Either Tirumala and Tirupathi or in Andhra Pradesh is 100% Truth. Only FREE Meals at Tirumala from Huge collection and other governing officials and Politicians were looting the wealth of  Tirumala Temple is the Truth to our world. what an exploitation. using Hindus Faith and Religions and Temples Politicians minting and increasing their wealth on every minute beacuse of Government control(from Hundi collection 8% to the temple and 92% to Government control is totally an exploitation to Hinduism,true or wrong???!!!. We people were fooled?!!!!! do you like this to continue???!!!!!
what is the solution to this?

WHILE MY GOVERNMENT AWARDED  PADMA AWARD TO ADIGALAR AT MELMARUVATHOOR. YOU CAN ORGANIZE TO WAIT UNION GOVERNMENT  AND PRESIDENTS TO COME TO AWARD ALL TEMPLES AND TRUSTS. YES. TEMPLE TRUSTS CAN DO ALL WELFARE MEASURES LIKE LIGHTING,WATER,STREET AND OTHER ALL NEEDS TO THE PEOPLE LIVING IN SURROUNDING AREAS AT FIRST. ON COLLECTION THIS COULD INCREASE TO ALL OTHER AREAS OF THE STATE.  YES TEMPLES COLLECTION CAN DO WONDERS IN INDIA ON DEVELOPMENTS AND GROWTH. YES IT IS POSSIBLE,ONE ADIGALAR BROUGHT ENGINEERING COLLEGES ,HIGHWAYS,RAILWAY STATION, STAR HOTELS IN A KARUVELAM PLANTED AND SHOWN AS FOREST AREA. SO NOW AWARDED. MORE THAN THAT HE UNITED MANY PEOPLE FROM ALL COMMUNITY. THESE ARE ALL PLUS. BUT WHILE MRS. INDIRA GANDHI AS PRIME MINISTER the same Adigalar got arrested for printing Government currencies. This was made possible because Late EX President of India Mr. Gyani Jail singh whose hands involved was the strong rumor ( he gave these blocks from nasik) at that time. Judge issued justice to pay 10Lakhs as penalty and Imprisonment for 10 years. but Late President Jail Singh asked this Adigalar to perform 1008 Milk Abishekam at Marina Beach at that time and date of punishment  . Ex President with his wife landed at Military ground at Island ground and went to perform this Milk abishekam by Mr.Adigalar. so every thing took other shape. This temple is a private property not coming under Religious endowment board, because Mrs.Visalakshi Neduchezian  -Treasurer to this Melmaruvathur Adiparasakthi Temple was wife to EX Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr.Neduncheziyan  in the State Governmennt cabinet of Mr.M.G.Ramachandran,popularly known as M.G.R. 

so in conclusion I request my Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modiji to Seperate Temples from Political Governance via proper frames in Laws in the Next coming Your B J P Government  in 2019. 
Seperation of Temples and religion from Political governance that will give a right meaning to INDIA a SECULAR Country.
after this to strengthen this please add Correct income or salary in Ration cards that will help us to find Haves and have not's. Economically weaker and economically stronger will say India is a Healthy and stable ECONOMY.  Religions will play their role with Temples and rituals so Cast or religion can not be a sconstrain or concern to Government on welfare Measures. 

I Hope My Dear Modi  will agree and accept my views to have our great India as stronger India and our Dream come TRUE will be the result. Regards and Thanks. j.k.sundararajan. iyshwar85@gmail.com

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