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Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Here is a humble request from my end. On request url name change is accepted by google as a reconsideration but at feedburner the feed burner feed is with splashout the old url name http://splashoutman.blogspot.com,now it is not in existance and the same blog with the New Url Name http://getpaidout.blogspot.com.

Requesting subcription and feed from fgeed burner.com.
Thank you. iyshwar85@gmail.com

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Get paid: State Assembly Election's in India

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Get paid: State Assembly Election's in India: "Hi friends and viewer's this is letting you know about the state Assembly election's in Ten days. The election date and result date were a..."

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State Assembly Election's in India

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Hi friends and viewer's this is letting you know about the state Assembly election's in Ten days.

The election date and result date were already declared by Election commission ,is showing her power as autonomous body in India. Now election commission is very strict in her action.

Congress and its allies will get a stunning Defeat.

In Tamil Nadu A I A D M K and its allies will get remarkable result.

This is the result return of the elction  when M G R was alive . When M G R was the Chief Minister the same typical M P election with the wrong advice to Mrs.Indira Gandhi by D M K , saying that Cinema Fame of M G R has come to an end. At that time D M K and Congress succeeded in 31 M P constituencies and said M G R fame is out.  so Indira Gandhi was mis leaded by Tamil Nadu congress people also.But M G R lead A I A D M K had a huge victory and only 13 M L A's were got elected from D M K.

Ranjikanth and Cinema Industry would have forgot this action and result of D M K in that election.

similarly Now having a great success in the recent held M P election the tie up was arranged and it is going to be a big failure and shocking result. so Now Even after Death, M G R's Political party - A I A D M K is going to win with individual  majority. If you want to know the result plead read the post at http://getpaidatlink.blogspot.com

At west Bengal Mamtha Banerjee will be the next chief Minister.

At Kerala Congress  will try to Form The Government this time. 

In those days People use to say Pen is apowerful Tool and it can bring changes with immediate effect because of the strong and appealing words and informations.

similarly to me ,I will say blog by blogger.com from google is a powerful tool which can do give wonderful results with speed and time cause. Blog post's will reach in seconds than ant media /press/Television.

For example I have predicted the result of last election held for Tamilnadu state assembly and even wrote a letter about Mr. Stallin Position's and Promotion in social Life to D M K Chief (through a letter also by courier)  . But Not reciprocated by D M K chief is  pathetic. But result / prediction went exactly true.

In same way I have written a post to A I A D M K chief and Jaya network about the necessary need in allies when election held for M P. I strongly recommended that A I A D M K with B J P will get complete success in all 40 seats. But B J P has created a strong Base and A I A D M K  not responded and had allies with parties which i Have denied in my recommendation is a feeling to me. Selvi J.Jayalalitha is the person who gave life to P M K and M D M K and Janatha. Except Janatha with a single person Mr.subramaniyam swamy ,all other parties stabbed her at the back. 

Mr. seshan as election commissioner   has disqualified  P M K, M D M K lead by Vaiko and  janatha party because these parties last Deposit in that election held. Because of J jayalalitha these parties Again got live in politics of Tamil Nadu is known to all in India.

Now also I recommended  that A I A D M K not to have allies with M D M K and D M DK and told to contest in all 234 constituencies. but It was not happened. Because I believed that all these parties including Communist were suppoting (working behind the screen as positive to D M K) D M K even though they are allied with A I A D M K . 

A I A D M K Party By J.Jayalalitha ,started by M G R do not require these alliances is my strong recommendation.

Now state Assembly election's will be a Huge Failure and will become a threat to  Union Government led by Congress and allies.

Communist Party will come to an Drastc End in Political Senario/set up of India. Congress and B J P will exists for the Next Parliament Election in India.   People from communist party may contest in the Next election but it will face utter Failure's.

I am also having an ambition to get in to the President Election  of India at the appropriate time. I will succeed and I will Bring many radical and speedy changes in social set up of India.

Thank you.

Sharing views in all matters has become very simple and easy due to technology and the blog technology given by Google.com. My crdentials to Google.com team.

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