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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lifestyle with Self Control and Will Power

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Hi, my dear viewer's of this blog ,here this is a new post about Lifestyle with Self Control and Will Power.If people have the self control and will power to restrict their diet and mend their Lifestyle in to a healthy pattern,the problem of obesity will not be so prevalent. On an average,India continues to have substantially lower percentage of population with obesity related issues compared to the western World;however,this population is on the rise.The I.T sector jobs,call centers and the out sourced positions from multinational companies are promoting sedntary life style and sleep deprivation with altered sleep-wake cycle in many of our professionals.

This in turn leads to poor dietary habits nad inability to lead active life which than causes weight gain.

The Pofessional and their job is most important. at the same time they must concentrate in their food habits.

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