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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Buzz It

Hi already I have predicted in my posts here that euro and europe will be in tremendrous trouble and financial position will worsen faurther in my earlier post at my blogs. My predictions never went wrong.

Now yahoo new ssay this.The euro single-currency system could be derailed unless European leaders resolve the debt crisis, a situation that has already prompted.Europe is a part of Earth and it has created a common Money which is a correct system in time, but it failed because euro money and europe did not negotiated with all 194 countries in with terms and rules to success this euro Money at all levels by all countries is the Baglog.

If this attempt have completed  successfully than the money will also a successful one.

In a near future in  Major level People revolution is also expected one and it will change the pattern of Administration is also my prediction. This will also go right. Please watch this.

Also I predicted that a major fire accident is expected at europe ,that also happened .



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