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Friday, May 14, 2010


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hi friends please help me in the following matter. I find blogger.com operations are very difficult at opera.com browser 10.53 browser.so I changed the previous versions like 10.10 and 10.50 by downloading one by one. But i have the same problem. In particular posting new post is not taking place .self locking. so i have to log out.
All these years i did not had anny problems at opera browsers. I had much satisfaction with opera browsers with high speed and fast browsing, now it is becoming very slow . may be due to error in superseeded /upgradations. may please help me in this matter from opera.com is requested.
immediately i checked the blogger.com operations with other browsers it is easy and doing well.
this is for information to opera.com.

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Anna university

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Hi my dear readers and listeners and followers and media friends here is a message about Anna university. Yes. This university has a high reputation in the world in particular in India.

Now 12th standard results were announced. So this university would become very busy. It has high leaders of this nation as a part of it is an additional value.

Now The university will allow all students to buy the prospectus with detailed to go for higher education by issuing an application form at the cost of 750 rupees. above 2 lakhs students buy this application form with many dream to come true. Look in to the total amount for 2 lakhs students it is amounting in crores. where this money goes . who knows. because the anna university is having lot of shabby surroundings. It has no canteen of its own . leased canteen . students who attend counsilling do not have proper seating arrangements . partial arrangements are only made. No government or politicians areturn to this side to have a check-up. what a pitiable condition of our future generation. God only to care our future generation. why i mentioned this because we all blame politicians at all situations but look in to this matter ,maximum people involved in this matter at this university were well educated. so it is clear educated people has to take steps to correct all mistakes in short span of time.

with a huge collection of funds Universities like Anna university were has to develop their infrastructure also they must insist the affiliated collges must have the infrastructures as prescribed. This is a must. Many I T students were getting trained for 90 days by many institutions with a course which practically used in Information technology Industries. But after 4 years course at colleges and becoming B.E., in any disciplines like computer eductaion,communiation technology,information technology were lagging the above said knowledge. why this knowledge to earn money for their future is not provided in the colege education has to be answered by universities. any leading industry like cts,tcs,and others were conducting reasoning and aptitude tests ,in which many students with B.E. fail or fetch low marks, why? what is the use of getting educated as B.E. for 4 years term in college approved and affiliated by a university. so It is clear The university itself lagging to know about prctical life in this world. Please let do this here after.

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