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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

my dear please read my posts on Religions must be separated from Politics completely. read this in detail in my earlier posts in my blogs.

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already I wrote about temples and religion  must be separated from Politics and Must to make a full stop to Religious Endowments Ministry and all other connected actions to this Ministry. read the detailed post on this subject posted to create awareness in Hindu society  as a step tp save our traditional and cultural values. But people not responded .

I am the first person in my post wrote the suggestion about  20 Kg Rice Free of cost at Ration card  and the same being posted at CMSpecial cell when J.jayalalithaa was the chief Minister, but idea taken and no response to me. similar to this many posts carried in the interest of Nation I have written many to the State Government concern  also to Mr.Modi government concern at mygov.in . No respect  and responding  so I stopped writing ideas and suggestions. If you read my post on Religion and temples and its income must be separated from Politics with immediate effect  linked with UNESCO AND UNO offices few years ago also. now UNESCO opened its sound through letters after its investigations confirmed the truth in the posts.
In fact I am the first person Drafted and posted about this Amma Unavagam operational method (up to chappathi in evening)and its importance and in need. But no regards and respects. Politician's were mostly interested either in Fame or in increasing his her wealth and this is not healthy Politics, so Ifelt I do not want to share my ideas in my blogs and stopped writing in mygov.in also. thanks.
Now I lost my belief in Union Government by Mr.Modi also. Mr.Modi will have a concern this  I know. But Politics going on wrong Direction  so No participation . Good wishes.  

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http://paybizz.blogspot.in etc.   regards.   I believe that we Indians must prove that we are great .thanks.                                                                       

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