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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Buzz It


It is sure Mahatma Gandhiji Soul will not go to sleep.

One thing I will like to inform you all .

This is a Good film about Bagavath Gita .


climax scene of this Film:

Recently This film Karnan was released in cinema near you with H.D. effect.

People were rushing to watch this movie no doubt. still their is a demand to watch such good movies is a lesson to my family.

We saw that film Karnan in a cinema at saidapet -Chennai 15 by buying 50 Rupees ticket at 90 Rupees in Black Market. Cinema halls knowing the demand they might have arranged this side track to sell tickets. Because cinema counter sold only few tickets. This is the situation for the Night show between 10 P.M. to 1.30 A.M. than you imagine what would be the situation for other shows in a day in ticket availability.

On watching this A.V.M. Studio decided to produce all Rajni Hits Latest Movies in 3D effect.

But Shivaji Ganesan is different from Shivaji Rao alias Rajnikanth is going to be a lesson to A.V.M. Group.


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