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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

to operate common Man accounts and farmers account in two types is a must. WHY THIS IS A NEED AT THIS TIME?easily reach farmers easily on Digitally

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 Farmers do not have bank account  must open account to made a task to banks.than only Farmers welfare measures will easily reach farmers easily on Digitally . also government can understand what is their contribution via their banking to nations economy. Loans and wive offs  or written off are all can be decided by farmers itself. Even loans at free of interest can be issued and what can be the interest to farmers for farming can be decided.
for Natural disaster management in any area of India Government of India can contribute 50% for the Loss and 50 % from their bank accounts as Interest free loans for speedy recovery.

BANK'S (THIS INCLUDES BANKS FROM UPCOUNTRIES,AND ICCI,HDFC,IDBI,ETC) to operate  common Man accounts and farmers account  in two types is a must.  WHY THIS IS A NEED AT THIS TIME? if money lender from Public common man accounts and could not be recovered than Bank closure is the only option .so people and country will be on trouble. This trouble not to come.

similarly for Business and Industrial Purpose a separate account by Business and trading people by separate banks for Industries and Business this includes micro and macro small scale industries.

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