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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Buzz It

Hi, my dear friends, follower's and viewer's here is a message letting you know Mico Bosch. Bosch is a German Company established its quality and reliability. German is one among the quality product producer and doing optimum business in Europe. In that At India In automobile segment Mico Bosh Nozzles,Elements,Delivery valves, Engine valves,valve guides, spark plugs,Bulbs,Break systems,solar energy,Engine oils,Electrical Horn,clutch Plate and clutch cover assembly are really beyond compare in volume of business till date.There are few business competitors to Mico at India. But Mico Bosh is maintaining very strong strategy and unshakable. It style of business operation is also very good. It has its head office at Bangalore in India. Automobile manufacturer's share of Bosh products as Original equipment parts is very high. A cordial relation is well maintained by Mico bosh and the User's.All these show were successful because of Quality.

 Among all diesel filters and oil filters from different countries and a share of furious Mico Bosh  fuel /oil filters sales by furious manufacturers as Mico in the market were not able affect the very big share of  Mico. In this matter Mico is observing strict guidelines and sudden inspections in the market after sales. 
But still few dealers were selling duplicate Mico filters in the Market. 

 So Always Go for Mico Bosh. In my experience I have seen many people when they buy a car/lorry/bus/any automobile they specifically look in to the Mico O.E.Fitments. This is a Great victory to Mico bosh Quality. The second line if you want to know competitive with Mico were, Italian KIKI ,Lucas TVS etc. but their have a small but standard share in the automobile business.

Thank you for allowing me to share  these truths with you.

 Bosh Added a gem in the crown of  technology of their country - Germany.

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