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Saturday, October 10, 2009


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Hi, my dear viewer's and follower's please stay connected. I look for the same support from you. Here is a message letting you know Life. Life is getting added on value when it is protected and preserved.
Life is considered precious, whether it is that of human beings, animals, and birds, or even plants and other forms of nature including mountains, rivers and Rain water. 
Recently huge rain fall claimed flood in the states Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The rivers in these states in India were had huge water flow than its capacities. The water entered in many villages and created damage to people and nature. Flood claimed few Human lives. Here we should not see that we have lost few lives from Kannada people and few from Telugu people, we last them from we Indians. This project will pave way for unification of people as Indian .we need this.
For this the only solution is unification of Rivers in India at the earliest possible time to care the next occasion. Water will be saved.
This is the right opportunity to our government and politician’s to bring all states unified. People and other forums are all in united to join their hands with the government to make our fore father’s dream come true. The real value and benefit will be obtained by our future generations. Humbly request you to give way/pave way for this good cause.
International Government’s and U N O will also get involved by a request from our government seeking aid for this project. 
All of them are born to live. We human beings would love to live as long as we can and take possible steps to preserve and protect our body and mind. It is, therefore, and irony that man sometimes takes pleasure in destroying his brethren, as well as other living beings on the earth, and even nature by delaying the projects like Unification of Rivers.
A hundred years ago, our land was being ruled by foreigners. But, one must say, Britisher’s, French, Dutch and others had Respect for our Heritage. In 1904 before Independence, a law was enacted to preserve and protect all monuments and memorials. Thanks to certain measures by the government after Independence and by some organizations.
Let us ponder and spread the message of the need to protect and preserve the Nature, as a special care for our next generations.

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