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Friday, August 27, 2010

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 H i friends their is a news few great persons were interested to build shrines for lord Allahu at New york is right. but they think in this way .To How many people in need of food for one time in the world to them they  can feed ,also they start educational centers at free  to study .

We here not to forget Lord Allahu is the universal ,omnipresent and omnipotent so constructing any number of churches ,mosques,temples is not the expectation of Lord is to be understood. why you try to fix lord in one space. It is not possible. Please to understand Lord Allahu is known as ya vakilu so he is justifier and he knows. He prevails in all in the earth is to be understood. Why i tell this I had a good experience from Lord allahu .

similarly some time back there is comment about Mr.Barack obama belongs to Islam .we expects and God send him on the earth to care people . whether he belongs to christian,Islam,Hindu etc were not at all necessary. We should be proud that he is with us and Lord has given him a chance to save human community . This is a great gift to him and the senators with him at this moment.
Love jks.

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