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Thursday, August 12, 2010

business technology

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hi my dear readers and friends at this blog here is a new post on Business growth 3 times I.T.Industry.
Yes it is possible . just by making the price of a computer like a mobile in price structuire of Rs.5000/= in Indian money value ,It make all people on the earth to buy computers. which in turn will boost the I.T.Industry business more than 3 times.
using computer in many millions will enable the business increase to optimum.
Price slash on computers will do a lot in this direction. many leading branded computer manufacturers to take this word in mind ,because furious brand or assembled computers are selling in high level.This cannot be restricted,but this can be restricted by bringing a model in branded computers with a least price affordable by a common man.
Thank you. This is an idea to imply.

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