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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

civil law

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Hi dear viewer's her in this post i going to give a message about my president comment in the Supreme Court judges meet. Our Honorable President has clearly told that all must be equal before civil law. The judges are also accepted this concept. This is the matter revealing in detail and instructing all judiciary people including judges has to record their properties and assets. This is correct.

We people expected that in this situation judges On accepting this The supreme court judges will appeal since they are also the citizen's governed by the same civil law, that the general election must also have the contestants with equal standard before the civil Law. Say this clearly all contestants are Indians and civilians must be equal before law. while filing nomination contestant not to hold any office/ministry/Running Parliament M.P. Because a contestant will not get equal rights, appraisal, treatment from people as well as from the officers of the governments. How we can expect democracy will give its correct result. No chance. So judges would have appealed to the highness that as soon the election date is announced the parliament has to be dissolved. No question of minister or M.P. at the time election. By this act all are civilians with equality before civil law can be confirmed. The elections held were not at all had contestants with equality in all qualities before civil law. Then only a correct result in an election can be availed. Why the election commission is keeping quite in this matter though it is with separate entity, we do not know? Also the international countries are also not commenting on this why we do not know? Let sunshine on one day on this matter.

On the other hand the people will also have a chance to see the administration of the president in office with the support of Governors and officer's. The administration is found to be the best than the people can demand the same from the elected newly forming government. Why not this is not happening in India we do not know, we know that it does not mean the president and Governors cannot run the government. If the administration is good in these 40 to 45 days term*(election duration) then it will have the influence in the new parliament in particular from the new party establishing the new government.

Hope our Supreme Court judges will also act accordingly having the social responsibility apart from their judicial rights and authorities. Let hope the good results and reaction from Supreme Court judges and people from judiciary.

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