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Sunday, March 21, 2010

resume - Main Text -follow these guidelines

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Hi to all my dear viewers and visitors and google users and broad casting friends at this blog,thank you for your kind and gracious presence at this blog to read this new post on follow these guide lines.

 In your resume  in Main Text sell your skills.In other words , describe your academic  and professional skills.but remember not to make this section a replica of your resume. Present only the highlights of yor assets. You canfollow these guidelines.

Impress upon the reader how the company stands to benefit from your skills rather than taking about how the job will make you happy.

Give specific details of your achievements. for examples, if you have been rewarded for accomplishing a difficult project, mention the nature of reward,type of project, and also the year /month during which you got the reward.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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Hi to my dear friends and followers and broad casting friends here is a message about Rejuvenation.

aims of Pancha Karma is to maintain health,Rejuvenation,Elimination of diseases.

This is a complete health programe for one and all. People with dieases  can undertake this under the guidence  of doctors.

pancha karma can be taken as ;

single day therapy , weekend therapy,and other patterns.

Pancha karma is generally taken when  the sun is shinning.

Thank you take care of your health. 

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