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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Atman with The Five elements

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Hi my dear broad casting friends and readers of this blog, very happy to see you all staying connected.

Here is a message is the continuation of the blog post at http://youhavewonyahya-youhavewonyahya.blogspot.com. Let me continue the post Atman with The Five elements

This process of Neti Neti (elimination), you should try to find out what exactly the Atman is. Thus scrutinizing the world which is a mixture of good and evil, take its essence and discard the rest, just as you throw away the seed of a ripe fruit after taking its sweet juice. The Atman has no birth or death. It has no childhood, youth or old age.

To read the continuations of this message please visit http://enjoyatyahyablog.blogspot.com.

Thank you.

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