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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Learn to Speak Chinese Language at CCTV by Aurora Carlson

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Hi my dear viewer's and broad casting friends thank you for staying connected.

Here is a hot news for you. yes! china has enabled her service to educate Chinese Language. so the news is Learn to Speak Chinese Language at CCTV by Aurora Carlson.

The site informs it is so easy to learn Chinese Language. Please try . Here i want to say my opinion. Education has no limit and boundaries. so to Cross all boundaries to know many things and for a versatile and Profound Knowledge you must try to learn many languages as you can. Many countries offer Free education. Here at china they say if you happens to land at china from that point for a call taxi .clothing sales show room,medical shop to buy medicine,fruit juice shops,Garments to buy,flight Travel, emergency call to a ambulance,banking and to start your communication with a hello ,requesting you to learn Chinese Language.

To learn Chinese language You can contact :

or To visit the site Please click here,http://www.cctv.com/program/learnchinese/easy/index.shtml. Aurora Carlson and Mark Rowswell (Da Shan) from CCTV as presenter doing this Fine Job. Please make use of this and get enriched in your knowledge. See the Presenter with a cheerful face, & How nice she presents the program ,which will definitely attract you all.

program Timing is ,

Air Time
BJT: 3:15,9:15,15:15

Learning and education is the source of Living.

Thank you so much. please make many visits to know many more hot news to come. Do not miss to read the posts at this blog. once again Thank you.

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