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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Navkar Mantra

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Hi my dear readers and followers and media broadcasting friends, Thank you for staying in at this blog to read the new posts with interesting and valuable information..
Navkar Mantra is the world of immeasurable bliss,joy and truth.
Navkar mantra  is one of the earliest mantras known to man. It is the invocation to the supreme being recommended by dharma of the jains.
Salutations offered through this Mahamantra are supposed to rpovide the reciter with great spiritual and material success, remove evil and negative tendencies of the mind,destroy various aspects of misery and give divine  peace of Mind while removing any obstacles that may come in the way of spiritual and material growth.
I had experienced the spiritual values in my child hood days. My mother had an opportunity to be a teacher to teach Prathikraman. This say well about Navkar Mantra. Even people like Acharya Tulasi -a great saint of Jainism who lived with us ,while they stayed at thanak (holy place build for preachings/discourses by acharyas) ,appraised my mother for this good action of teaching Prathikraman.
so please share a short time to chant navkar mahamantra. get all in your life.

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life style

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Hi to my dear readers and followers here is a message about Lifestyle. Here Jainism pave way for a best life style established by Lord Mahaveer 24th thankfullest. Really ,with my experiences at jain community and their good principles of life has made me to say like this. If the world want to have only Peace than the only available option is Jainism and its principles. . Right from opening a day to eating,sleeping and other business and social activities were well designed in the principle's of living in Jainism.

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