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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


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This is the latest information letting you know, the dropdown Combo box. A drop down combo box can be created by adding a combo box to the form. The Drop down combo box style is this control's default format. The differences between the list box and the dropdown combo box is that this combo box  takes up less room and displays the list of items, only when called up. The default selection displays - select a place. The value displayed after a selection is made is the selection itself, which removes the need for a separate textbox or an additional list box to display the selected items.

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employment opportunities

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Dear sir ,

First I would like to pay my salute to the present Administration of D M K government Headed by Mr. Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi and well assisted in enforcing the policies of the government by Mr. M.K.Stalin -Dy.chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Dear sir 

Here I would Like to submit My suggestion to Your Government  connected to Public Distribution (T U C S.).

1. Now with the best effort by the Government policies People can able to buy their necessary food materials from Government Fair price shops. T U C S. 

To face  the present situation of prices of essential commodities in the open market  Government enabled the supplies of the  essential food materials at fair price  made people life easy.

This is an achievement by the Government. Above to this supplying Rice at Rupee one per Kg. is extraordinary performance of this Government. We people Must contribute our sincere regards to your government .It is the need of this time.

Now I would like to have your valuable few minutes spared with my suggestions following;

1. All ration shops can be placed in residential areas . Few shops in remote areas /market place/highways  can also be shifted to people living area provided the street must have the facility to the vehicle of (trucks) T U C S can in and out.

here why I mentioned this because previously  my Tucs shop was at a complex in 100 feet road in 10 th avenue. This premises belongs to Tamil nadu Government. Now we understand that building is going to be constructed newly. already the building is on damaged condition.
regarding this already i Sent few mails to your notification also.  Now I like to suggest ,That this building can be constructed as a residential Quarters for Chief Minister/DY.Chief Minister as Government Owned accommodation with all multi security systems ,because Accessing to Air port / or any other Place /to highways is easy. This is my opinion only. May Please Think over on this matter. Quarters for M L A's were with all sophisticated things with highways connectivity has been made available at Karnataka(bangalore) This is to attend the people immediately for their needs.

or This building can be constructed as Flat's for Government employees  which will avoid any traffic disturbance. why I am telling this because on this tenth avenue , already a wheel balance shop and other garages were unknowingly creating traffic trouble at this area. 

or This new building going to be constructed can be as Big halls with many floors  to operate the T U C S ware house  for south chennai. 

2. I like to suggest  T U C S can have their own buildings with   accommodation  and with a unit of a Bank. to many shop at metro cities . in a area few shops (about 10 ten shops or more) functioning  on rental. This rent expenditure can be eradicated if government design and decided to do the above. People will appreciate this also. 

3. Tamil Nadu Government know about all ration card details .so it is easy for the government can ask people to pay one payment for their requirements on every month in advance. This advance payment will enable the government to know exactly the need of a ration shop. so hoarding or any mistakes can be avoided at any ration shop.also Government can stock the needful exactly  and can made available to supply on all 1st day of any month to all days in that month. This availability of stocks on all month from 1st date will make the employees to schedule their work . 

4. The ration Card is used as an address proof by all people(both rich and poor) is proud matter to state Government.Ration cards with out purchases for more than a period of 6 months can be declared as disqualified for distribution.
employment opportunities;
5. This is the last suggestion but very vital suggestion as i believe from my sense. we have lot of illiterates and lesser qualified pupils looking for employment. here Tamil nadu Government can set an example to all other states in India as well to all countries across the world by doing a revolution in employment opportunity.
Yes!  Now food materials for  public distribution at T U C S has been delivered in Gunny bags with the packing capacity of 200 Kgs. This can be avoided by employing many people to resize  the packaging . for example Rice in 5 Kg's Tarpaulin  bags,wheat in 5 Kg's Tarpaulin bags, sugar in 1  and 2 Kgs  bags ,Dall in 1Kg packets will enable the Government to offer many employment opportunities to many people will be the best help in caring many poor families. employees can be offered on probation for a period of 3 years with three level salary and afterwards they can be absorbed as Government employees to get a reasonable Government salary. 
I mentioned Tarpaulin bags because food materials will not get damaged in distribution.

This act will enable quick supplies at ration shops  . Time saved. Rush and consequent  disturbances at supply area can be eradicated. This will also fetch huge Name to Government and her administration. This will a measure towards people care. I believe this will be well appreciated by all other state Governments and they will also follow. Not only other state Governments all countries across the world will try to follow this measure and secured appreciations to your Government is guaranteed internationally.
  I will sent my further suggestions in my next mail.
I welcome any reward on accepting the suggestions as an appreciation..
Note:- the same matter posted at Chief Minister site  and at your official site also.

Already I sent many letters carrying many suggestions were not reciprocated is my feeling. I appreciate  by giving your reply as :- we are happy to acknowledge your letter receipt. we appreciate your interest in our Government . on values of the matter if needed further communication may be developed. This kind of reciprocation will get a high name to your governance . Thank you.

You can find this message at my blog also; http://splashoutman.blogspot.com. once again thank you.

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