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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh Lord Thank you for giving Google.com birth

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I wish Google A happy Birth day .wish you for many more happy returns of the day. 

Let me see Google.com with all Prosperous in all at all times in the years to come. Because Google gives way to many people survival at blogger.com .This blog have a back link from google. so I am Much grateful to Google on this  birth.

World enjoy the Internet technology and its values at Google search.

so we all must convey our sincere Thanks to google.com.

Oh Lord Thank you for giving Google.com birth for the developments on the earth.Oh Lord this Google.com is the Only Baby which has all grace and gifts from you.

thanks to God for Google.com.

google.com  can streamline blogger.com blog's and advertisers and sponsors to stabilise the business of advertisement and their Google.com can charge a service charge of 10% from the income recievable to any blogger. This is my idea. Thanks for allowing me tro have blogs.

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