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Friday, November 6, 2009

Take Your car with you in Train Travel

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Here is a message letting you know Take Your car with you in Train Travel.

Long distance trains have a restaurant or buffet car and sleeping cars or berths(booking compulsory). Sleeping cars have 1,2,3, berth cabins with wash basin with hot and cold water,shave socket,reading lights, clothes hangers and other amenities.

Some favorite dello Stato trains offer a bicycle transport service and , on some routes,special "Treno + Auto" conventions which allow you to take your car with you.

Now after reading this post you have decided to go with the special train with your car.

People from Railway ministerial and administrative office from many countries please arrange to propose and provide these facilities in your countries also. This will enhance Travel and Tourism income to the Government and to the railways of your nation. Bye bye.

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