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Monday, July 20, 2009

space station and missile's

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My dear viewer's and friends here is a message about space station and missile's.Hi dear friends we all from all countries jointly will greet the American austronaut,s (3) who landed at moon in space . This was the first successful landing . even before that russian austronauts tried and entered at moon in space. they have sent a monkey in a space craft . now we all celebrate and this event after 4 decades and now endeavour is doing many flights to space station. This space station journey has become like a train Travel.they carry every thing and do repair service at sattelitte also. Science and technology is improving in a very great dimension is also to notice.what an amazing achievements. fentastic.keep going my dear scientists. along with all people on this earth i wish you for many endeavours.

Same time missiles developed by many nations is currently increasingon every day in number with super sonic speed and distance. The distance limit and speed is also increased on every missile test by every country. This may be a danger/threat  to space station in future. so all people on earth must call the attention of U N O and all country ruler's to stop their missile manufacturing. This is a must ,otherwise the world will be in danger with in years.

We people must protest against this missile tests by any nation.if missile tests are continued than it will vanish all science technology developemnts. so this a danger to science and technology.

if any damage caused to space station than it will result a severe damage on the earth. So all countries must be humanity oriented in administration of science developments.

Media /press,television's must call for many debates and discussions to open the eyes of all people on the earth.

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