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Friday, September 4, 2009

Exclusive Religion

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Hi my dear viewer's thank you for staying connected. here is a matter letting you know Exclusive Religion.

India is binding with many religion, customs, and conventions with her valuable cultural heritage.

In the world you will find beggars. But the prestigious matter is you cannot find even a single beggar in singh/sardarji community in entire India. You try at Delhi /Punjab/or at any other states it is impossible to find a beggar from singh community. The main reason or secret behind this is they do not like Laziness. They work hard and survive with their earnings. Most of them are said to be scientists/industrialist's because they invent all matters with less cost and as acceptable to our needs. This is also a reason helps India away from financial crisis. They are with strong brain and muscle power but with inadequate support on the earth. If they were offered adequate support then we can able to see many wonders on this earth. This is an exclusive proud matter in India and a Good message to this world. We people must be very proud to view this good Thing on the earth.

 This community had President, Prime Minister and Ministers in Indian Government's but failed to get any special attention from them is a curse. God has to change this curse which will pave way to redefine India.

Please do not think that I am from singh community or from Punjab but I am a true Indian. Had opportunities to live with them in my business for few years in the last decade, which paved way to know their best culture and to know their faith in human relation and they give value to disciplines.

The Punjabi's are with high humanitarian approach and mankind. They try to live with Modernity inline with their Tradition. They enjoy food, and with high dressing sense. They strictly follow their guru Lord Gurunank and his principles in their life.

If you are community oriented please try this good aspect to make your community beggar free.

Take this challenge. On achieving this beggar free communities world will be out of poverty and this is the need of this time on the earth. Share and live. Live and let live Earth will become further Green N O will become very happy and her duty will become easy.

Thank you for your visit. Please again and again make your visits.

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