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Thursday, September 8, 2011


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Food is the basic thing to lead a life in this big world. What is meant by healthy food?

Ok! Let us see the answer here. 

Boil and eat.

Avoid frying.

Do not prefer hotel food.

Do not add cooking soda to the food.

Eat in the proper time.

Wash your hands perfectly.

Do not goggle at sink in the Kitchen and do not spit in the sink.


Eat healthy and drink more water (take water about 4 Liters in a day) and Live better.

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Get paid: cable Television

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Get paid: cable Television: hi this is about cable Television . Already few cable T V networks belongs to party people and cable Operators were operating these networks...

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cable Television

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hi this is about cable Television.

Already few cable T V networks belongs to party people and cable Operators were operating these networks comfortably at their areas and paid a lumpsum on every Month and enjoyed a major amount for their Purse.

Now actually Cable Television by Government lauched at TamilNadu a state in India  with a vision to help Poor and people in poverty  to get connected with cable and to enjoy television programs along with the updation of News.

Practical problem in this is The Old cable network loose Huge revenue. But the Leader of this Huge party leader gave color Television to all people at free. 

Now the present Government enable the vision of programs with a reduced fees payable per month by people. This is  70 Rupees only. previously people paid between 125 t0 170 it depends on teh area. Now the revenue looser creates problem and not connecting their network with Government Cable Network is the problem. 

 The old Network can not exploit people saying that their network programs not relayed by Government cable network.  Also the old network creates few problems at different areas through people. But the reality is the old Cable Television network operators and other few Network's were fixed many Dish Network in many Houses. This is to carry Huge Money Once gain from people saying the clarity. Now demanding no clarity from Government Television is meaning less.

Also Present chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa told in her campaign that Cable Television Network will become a government operation. Now it was declared from 1st september 2011 by an order from tamil nadu Government.

The latest offer provide feasibility for Government employees in Cable Network also. since Cable Netwrok comes under Government ,automatically the people works in that will also become Government employees. so In this Old Network must not enter to spoil them from Government Job. 

Old Network may join with the Government operation or may reduce their fees for Dish Net work to make people to get connected.

This is the right solution. Because the same work doing other Network's like Videocon ,Dish ZEE,Reliance Big TV, AirTel TV TATAsky and others were not opposing this scheme of this Government.

So All Network must form a Union and must fix a common fare for relay per channel .But like a gift on festive occassion These networks can ask people to pay the amount for a year in Advance to get few channel for Free of cost.

This will be my Justice to Cable Telivision Network problem. people Must not intervene in this problem is my personal advise. Because on any problem politicians will not come for your safety and security is the lesson to us availed on many matters in all these years.

This is my support to my society and not to the present Government. Please understand.


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