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Thursday, August 31, 2017

MY News to Mr.Senthil - Neriyalar - Director -Ner pada Pesu --- Puthiya Thalaimurai TV

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My Dear Director /Neriyalar Mr.Senthil sir, today just now relayed Ner pada Pesu program you are questioning to Mr.Mohan Ram actor about Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy. you said that Periayar  involved  in Social Revolution matters and not in Political issues but Mr.Kamahasan commenting on both social and Political issues. why? my view and answer:
Mr.Rajagopachari who was the Instrumental and organizer asked to Mr.Periyar to start a Political Party to Save Tamil nadu from Congress . This well known to all in Tamil Nadu. Since  Periyar started D.K. a party for social revolutions ,and Mr.Rajaji felt that was also a need and said Mr.Periyar this is a right measure you have taken but my motive in the discussion with you to start a Political party to save Tamil nadu from Congress.so on the insist and pressure Mr.Periyar started D.M.K. with the leader ship of Mr.E.V.K.Sampath as the first president of D.M.K.Party is the truth. Due to health reason he was admitted in G.H. chennai and went to United States for further treatment ,unfortunately Mr.E.V.K.sampath died in a short duration. so Mr.Rajaji initiated Late Mr. AnnaDurai  to take D.M.K.Leadership of D.M.K. is also the truth.
for information Mr.AnnaDurai did not had any communication or relation or avoided Mr.Periyar even in his short term of Administration from 1967  till his death.   Mr.Periyar  attended the death and cried ,said Mr.Anna I did not able to Understand you my Dear and till you last breath i did made my mind to turn to you was a great mistake from my end. And your soul may please forgive for this sin. This was happened.
Mr.Rajaji and Mr.Kamaraj were also operated /sworn in  to office of  Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu  is also well known truth.

Mr.Rajaji did not accumulated any wealth even he was first and last governor General or while he was as chief Minister  of Tamil nadu .Today we can see that his grand or great grand son/daughters were not in Rich like Mr.M.G.R. or J.Jayalalithaa or Mr.Muthuvelar Karunanidhi is also true .

Mr.Kamaraj was the chief Minister of Tamil Nadu .and when he died My Father Mr.R.K.Swamy  took me to attend the Death and paid our Respects with much  pain was also in my memory even today. why because at death in a Dindugal Iron Box Mr.Kamaraj Had the other set of Top Long Hand shirt, and a Dhoti and a small amount and two or three silver vessels in that House where he died,today we see that house a s a memorial. Both Mr. Rajaji and Mr.Kamaraj were from Congress a National Party and had not done any corruption.In Fact Mr.Anna Durai clearly told when he was advised to have liquor sales in his administration to meet the Government Expense He denied totally bringing the sale of Liquor.
Even though  Mr. named and  instrumental and supported Mr.M.G.R. But M.G.R. ,who was the first person operated Liquor sales through Binami's in huge level  was also Known to we people.
J.Jayalalithaa brought Liquor sales administration by  Government of Tamil Nadu and Named Tasmak . this was to get payment's to Liquor companies as supplier's with out strain was the secret. This was not for the purpose of people welfare.

so in conclusion I wish to say to my dear Mr.senthil NERIYALAR - Puthiya Thalaimurai Please do not compare Mr.Kamal Hasan with Mr.Periyar or any other. every one is with separate identity and ideologies. and I believe that People of Tamil nadu with out any other Leader available to oppose Dravidian Parties and B J P and Congress and it looks like  People of TamilNadu have a mindset to have Mr.Kamalhasan as a Political party Leader to support them on socio economic Grounds. This inevitable decision of People in Tamil Nadu and growing strength towards bringing Mr.Kamal Hasan in to Politics of Tamil nadu is Thundering ,I believe. How ever People of Tamil nadu due to few mistakes by B J P Government which did not supported on major ethnic issues shall be the reason though B J P have few good deed in this 3 year term. what to do? Our Fate is Good so we People are always Different in all issues was already recognised by this world.

Let me say the rest in the Next communication if you are interested. Regards,
http://getpaidout.blogspot.in and few other Blogs of mine.
my best wishes to you because you are questioning and cross questing the Politician's and making them to surrender or making people to under stand about them and their interest and in well being of People of Tamil Nadu.

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