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Monday, May 3, 2010


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Thank you.

I will be back in a few seconds to submit my next post.

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Entertainment - film

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Hi to my dear viewers,readers,google users, followers and broad casting friends Thank you for staying connected. Like to have this same support at all times to come. 

Here is a message about entertainment - film. Movies were really a method  of relaxing tension to people on earth. You all will accept this statement. you will not differ on this statement. same time No movie should be allowed to affect the name of any personlity of this world. 

Yes that also when Mr. Barack Obama is in office as president Things must be corrected in movies. Few days back I watched a movied named soccer Dog. 

soccer is a very good game in international games. entertaining many people and fetching good revenue to the governments. 

But in This movie/ picture I shocked to hear a name. American were in First position in all matters. In such a situation how the same Americans were keeping themselves quite. Yes!

In this movie a dog is doing prime Role. But the dog was named "Lincoln". Why Americans were not gone for a stay order to Ban this picture. Lincoln is a popularly known name to all people on the earth . Lincoln always represents the first president of U S. At least now the U S government will try pass a stay order asking atleast not to use the american President Name to a dog. In the part of the movie , how these people allowed their mind to use a valuable person name of this society.  I strongly condemn this act at this movie. My dear Americans Please make this is as an issue immediately and stop this movie running its shows.

In the world their should be a international law to say that using any Respectful Leaders(dead or alive)  name in any movie ,that also for an animal will be severly punished.

Thank you.

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