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Friday, November 27, 2009


Buzz It

           Hi my dear friends and readers welcome you all to read this news about directory. You know well about directories. But here I want to share with you all about directory.google.com.

          Here in this directory you can search for any information categorized in a best manner. Look in to this categories listed in alphabetical order. Google works on every thing with systematic professionalism approach. 1. Arts 2.business, 3.computers, 4.Games, 5.Health, 6.Home, 7.News, 8.Recreation, 9.Reference10.Regional, 11.science, 12.shopping, 13.society, 14.sports. Hi now you will be very happy to see these details and you want to skip this reading want to browse the net at google.com. Please wait.

         Here I want to suggest to my dear Google Team a few things from my thought. Please read this also and I want to have your say on this suggestion

           My suggestions;

           Google can segregate further these categories in to this directory as follows, which will produce extra space and importance to the things. Also International matters on these can be given very easily. Yes, my thought says this. For letters – B – Browsers and daily developments,Broad casting stations (International _ like BBC,ABC etc),  D – data’s (records), E- electronics and Education (International Details) E – News in eastern countries ,E - News in European countries, F – Flowers and food culture, H – Hospitals (at International locations), I- International News (exclusively), J – Jobs international, K – (king’s - International) Royal homes, L – Love, Legends, Libraries, M – Money matters(share market and currency details - International), N – Nuclear world, News in Northern countries in the world, O – Operating systems details,(opinions on all matters by leading people), P – projects International (running and expected with values), Q – Royal Govt. details ( Queen’s in the world), R – Roaming (Railways,Aeroplane services details-International), S – News in southern countries(Exclusive),shipping (facilities and details) T – Television(international television network details with programe details), Transports and Travel (about travels,destination,and facilities,), U – unions, communities, V – Victories ( via war,fight,agreements,dialogues,discussions,), W – News in Western countries (exclusive), X – sex and others (x matters entertaining the world), Y – Yielded results against projection and expectations, Z – space News updates (News and developments in Space technology ,Including missiles developments and space stations developments , usage of Nuclear energy).

     Revenue Generations:

            Reputed companies to be allowed to have a tie up with this allocating space Google Directory to add their data, advertisements to make the job easy and simple.

             By this segregation Advertisement revenue can be generated and will be more than ten times from now. 
         Above all Attraction of people towards Google will reach to the tune of 99% from people using computer/Internet. Also Google will become Number one and the only one trusted search engine on the earth.  Instead of holding a mass in the world population These measures will chnage Google to a evergrowing Total Internet mass  of world population with evergrowing  nature.
Hope you will accept these thoughts of me. I request you, if you believe that this a right approach and this thoughts and words are very good in worth fullness and effectiveness., than please feel free to write to Google to award me financially.  I will also accept any  honor from google with grateful Thanks. I do every thing on Trust and faith.
          Please visit over and over at this blog for many more interesting news to come.

       Thank you.

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