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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

bsnl -wireless

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B S N L to offer M N S with cable &wireless India.a great news.this is really a worth full doing by bsnl India.many people get affected with wire detachment due lorry  loads,natural calamities etc.
now a full stop to this.b s n l has linked an agreement  cable &wireless India to offer managed network services in  a bid to boost revenues and leverage  in its  vast network.
M S N  include  voice data integration services.
in India  tele providers providing wireless services but the   network is not vast but developing one.
also reliance with Sim card  ,Tata indicom with photone are really milestones in this matter by private sectors started wireless services in India.
Well done bsnl. well done to Government of India Telecommunication Ministry and her best services.

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Education and Government

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Hi to my dear readers here is a suggession. all schools (cbsc,matriculation,government owned) were brought under one pattern of education  with the recent changes by the Central Government policies.
I believe this is a great turn in education. even further government can  give results in this matter. Now sylubus has become common. so all materials for education in classes were has been decided and patterned. so this can be uploaded in digital video discs. Government can supply Lacd screens,with centralised monitor and monitors to all class rooms.  This will put an end to children carrying huge load of books. also visual with teaching by teachers at schools will get you high results. students will become highly result oriented. also to note because of visual education ,few students who turn out of classes to theaters to watch feature films in class hour can be avoided.
students are the future generation.so this development is must.http://www.kapilsibal.net/.
Future will be visual communication age. so making use of this room complete books and materials can be entered in to digital video discs. This can be sold to school and childrens.This will pave way to promote the sales of computers . children were need to buy a computer at their house. This is a modernaization of education. Paying huge fees to schools for books will be avoided. buying computer is a single time process to all Indian families. D V D price can be fixed at a very low by  our government.
This will give a revamp to I T Industry. Ministry will be in her peack by these processes and development's. The other meaning for Development is Government can be established.
with this maximum expenses to parents for education in buying many books can be eliminated. Step by step "e" books can be developed with future development in mind. This is the second step required. Here many employment opportunities were created.As soon "e" books were ready than Television networks can also brought in toeducation work .education channels will be fruitful..
Above all by this education ministry can become a center point for development's.
Because ,if other ministries like communication ministry and other ministries can join their hands with this education ministry to do wonder's.
Yes! communication minitry "bsnl"  and other broad band connections sale will be at its peak.because to read "e" books at home .This can be future step in promoting India. Concern is Future Generation.
rest in my next post.
Thank you with love jksundararajan

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