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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My solute and respect to My Mayor - chennai.

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Hi friends and follower's and broad casting friends here at this post i like share my good feeling enjoyed. Yes , I keep watch Sankara TV .Today witnessing and observing Baghwan sri sathya sai baba 85th birth day celebration's sincerely to get Baghwan blessings. At this I saw the presence of My Mayor Mr.M.Subramanyam ,Chennai and he delivered a sincere speech with high respect and prayers to the Lotus feet of Baghwan sri sathya sai Baba at puttaparthi. His speech is very clear in responding and conveying sincere Thanks on behalf of we people at  Chennai,Tamil Nadu .
He has the right step once again by going all the way to Puttaparthi surrender all our respect ,loyalty and Prayers to the Lotus feet of Baghwan sri sathya sai baba. Salute to my Mayor. Thank you.
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