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Friday, November 11, 2011

education - way to success

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Hi my dear viewer's here is a message letting you know Safe and sure Path. The only safe and sure path is the path of Dharma. - Righteousness and performance of one's duties.
Unrighteous conduct will meet retribution and misery; it is only a question of time. Nobody can escape the consequences of his actions. On more than one occasion, Lakshmana was inclined to doubt the efficacy of the path of dharma. When, for instance, the war against Ravana in the epic Ramayana was not proceeding well, Lakshmana remarked to Rama that Ravana, even while he was following a dharma, was getting on well. But, as we know, this was a short-run view, even as that modern Ravana , Hitler, gave impression to the world of succeeding , while he flouted all cannons of international code of conduct. Every one, therefore, should consciously try to pursue the path of virtue.
Let us live in Peace. Following Dharma will pave way for Peace and Love.
Thank you.

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