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Monday, September 13, 2010


Buzz It

Hi dear viewers you are all extending your good support to this blog by reading the posts and making comments on post messages.
people like Ratan Tata  or his administrative team were may be having blogs but not read the posts here is my feel. Already i have suggested many to TATA team of officers when i was with V S T Motors ,connected automobile spare parts ,which has been well appreciated and few ideas were implemented to immediate action is the highest satisfaction in my life.
May i request you to spare few seconds to read this post in full.please.

Now I would like to suggest TATA can start her own Television net work as TATA T V  with interests to connect people, like BBC, star TV,sun network. now tata sky is a paid channel.so it is not reaching all in India. If it is declared free with the same quality with many other features ,and provision to advertisement's from all segments around the world will fetch a huge revenue to TATA Group of companies. also advertising charges can be kept low in comparison with others in the same market.. TATA group will get huge revenue and the relay can be set free to all people to view.
Now it is a right time to start aero space engineering to engage many flights to connect the cities in India at lowest fare can also be considered.  future is aero space engineering . world is going fast in all actions so let Indian Business Magnets now to think on this matter to have control and catch of huge revenue from aero space transportation, including small helicopters will do well.
These  will give a great opportunity to get in to the administration of Indian Government to help Indian economy and people.

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