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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Buzz It

 Hi dear friends and viewer's of this blog please write many posts about sports and games if you own a blog or else get strated your blog immidiately.Here is a message about sports.All countries must give enhancing importance to all games in sports. The International societies founded for few games are definityely doing their jobs perfectly in promoting those games.So here we people on the earth need The government in all Nation to show higher importance as a concern on all games. The International societies like cricket Board ,French Open Tennis,American open tennis,Wimbleton tennis,has to be invited by all Nation's to open their units in all parts of the world. The events to be organized through out the world in aprts of the all nation's. I feel that the Government in all nation do not give that much  importance on  sports like Football,softball etc.

High concern is to be arrived at the earliest. while we are noticing that Dhoni a crickter buy a Hummer ,paying 1 crore (including duty) is a  proud matter to our nation and to him but on the other hand we definitely have a feel that why all player's from all games in sports not got such that much importance and revenue.

so the first action of any government must be the sports organisation's and Sport's Ministry combined together to step in to actions in promoting all games  and player's from all segment's to conduct events with worthful trophies around the year .Government ans sponsors must delibrately to come forward to start many coaching center's for all games immidiately.


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