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Sunday, August 15, 2010


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Hello my dear viewer's and friends, thank you for your visits. Please continue your visits. Here this is the information about Thrivalluvar. He was the great Poet who wrote Thirukural, in which he emphasized all matters with clarity and clear cut advice to people to live comfortably on the earth. Owwaiyar is also a great poet lived in the same time but she had the grace of Lord Pillayar/Vinayaga/Ganapathy. When ever she prayed Lord Ganesa never failed to come in front of her to fulfill her need. She never demanded anything from the material world. Both Thrivalluvar and Owwaiyar live in the same period. She had a command in all respect at all king courts /Palace. She never took any reward/gift from any king/ruler. She had high Honour.when Thrivalluvar wanted to stage Thirukural at Madurai Tamil sangam/Forum, he could not. The leading poets and commanding poets with rulers court were denied to agree and approve Thirukural.Their is also a message that Thirukural being not accepted by these poet because Thrivalluvar belongs to Buddhism, and he is a Buddhist. At this situation Thrivalluvar was walking all the way in the street with great sorrow .Same time in the same street Owwaiyar the great poet of that time is also happened to walk in the same street, so she saw the sorrowful face of Thrivalluvar and questioned him, what is the reason for his sorrow.Thiruvalluvar replied about the non acceptance of Thirukural in the Madurai Tamil sangam/Madurai Tamil forum. Owwaiyar immediately turned to the court of the king. The king also did not responded and tried to avoid Owwaiyar by closing the doors of his court. Owwaiyar recited a poem and the doors were broken in to pieces. The king was shocked to see this and immediately rush her and asked the poets to accept the Thirukkural.But again the poets neglected. The situation aggravated Owwaiyar feelings and she called all poets and the king to the Tank in front of the Meenakshi chokkanathar shrine.Owwaiyar threw the Thirukural in to the Temple Tank with a great challange.Their she called the attention of the Lord to come out in the Golden Lotus with the Thirukural, for that again she recited a Poem to draw the attention of The Lord, Immidiately The Lord Brought out the Golden Lotus above the water in that Tank. Everybody including the King saluted, obeyed Owwaiyar and accepted Thirukural as one among the great poems in Tamil, also The king and the poets offered a warm welcome to Owwaiyar and Thrivalluvar to the King Court. This is not a story or epic but it has happened few centuries ago at Madurai in Tamilnadu in India. This is the Back Ground of the great monument Thirukural from Thrivalluvar.
Recent news, in India at Karnataka state the Government and people were much interested to open a statue of Thrivalluvar in the state to pay their respect. This is a great moment by Karnataka people. Well done. As Tamilians in India we have all rights to pay our respect to Karnataka government and her people.

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