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Saturday, November 19, 2011

PM not afraid of JPC probe into 2G scam: Kapil Sibal

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PM not afraid of JPC probe into 2G scam: Kapil Sibal

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PM not afraid of JPC probe into 2G scam: Kapil Sibal

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Hi friends and viewers here is theview about PM not afraid of JPC probe into 2G scam: Kapil Sibal. Yes!  
 Till date this JPC Probe has not Happened. Also To note this is the view of Mr.Kabil sibil and definitely not the answer from Prime Minister.
Leave 2G scam in a corner, why Parliament did not accepted the Jan Lokpal Bill of Anna Hazare.
Constitution of India say in its preamble that By the people,for the people and to the people..

If  Constitution is respected than why Our Parliament is objecting Jan Lokpal Bill of Anna Hazare?

Why Because It affects them Directly.

So By the people has Last its total Value in Constitution /Democracy.  Parliament is a place where we have People for representing  and finding solution of People in the country. Constitution itself arrived with combined work of Thirteen Samaritans/Highly Educated people. 

Parliamentarians are not behaving with Humanity ,why? Because they Last complete belief in Public welfare as Public servants. They believe that theay are all Born for that to sit at parliament and in the name of Democracy exercising Despotism. why such attitude we found in Indian M.P.'s? This is ridiculous. Mr.Kabil sibil is the politician is far better than others ,why because he answers to all ,and all questions with a smile at his face.This is Tipical . B.J.P. M.P's are answering in Tough Nature is a mistake I found from the video's available in this site. 

On this discussion /interview both were not informed by Prime Minister about,whether he afraid /unafraid of any Probe, If any one questions to him on this matter than he will reply that he do not knowabout any thing and it is their view. India is a country provides complete Freedom of talk so you enjoyed this Talk,Thats all. and No More questions.

People Talk in India say , even in Fish Market,that Prime Minister Office is the Highest authority in India as per constitution of India sowith out His knowledge Nothing Roles to Next table for further proceedings. 

Any How people Must Thinknow, for bringing Back the Original Old Congress Party or People may Form a New Political party to challenge B.J.P to Value Democracy.

2G scam case will Run up to the end of this Government ,Thats all Please fill up the remaining from the History. No end to this case,Generations to Generations it will continue.

The Present Indira Congress Party  in the Name of I N C  last its Total merits and Values. Like Gupta dynasty,Mourya Dynasty we had Nehru Dynasty. Thats all.

Any How why Anna Hazare not initiating to start a New Gandhian party to Have Corruption Free India?
 or Kiran bedi I.P.S. retired can start a party with the approval of Anna and can make all retired I.A.S,I.P.S.,I.F.S.,Judges,and few senior Citizens from Industry,business,economy,Engineering,Press and Media and arts. 
why Isuggest this people to unite ,why because only These officers were well aware ofall Movements of the Existing politicians,so They can move the coins perfectly to save themselves from any endangers to their Life and to the people Lives. These people Only can Bring Corruption Free India. This is my View.

Thanks for reading the Post in full.


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Great success to Foriegn secretary

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Yes! Obama visit to India is great successto Forieg secretary.Now she is at Indian embassy at Unites states.
Can she say how India is successful in Economy Today than U.S. I can give answer for this . Already I asked this question in my blogs for answer. still waiting to get answer for this question. Let me wait for some more time ,than I will release the answer  as a post in this blog.. Thanks

wish you all for a limitless Joy.

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The art of ‘handling pressure’

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Hi friends and viewers here is a message about The art of ‘handling pressure’. This is easy to Mr.Ravi shankar at Karnataka. we people did not brought any thing at our birth.This applies to Mr.Ravi shankar Guruji also. Read this article at msn.com for full details. C B I raid is may be a pending issue to his office so that he can able teach The art of handling pressure. Over a raid at him and at his offices ,can he say like that /or Teach this lesson? No he can not will be a answer. He also have huge assets why Government is showing soft corner  is still on doubt? Press and Media is also supporting his ashram acts why? May his ashram have back up by press and media people? He is another Sathya Sai Baba / Mr.Nithyananda ? why Union Government or state Government were not taking any action to bring 40,000  Billions of Sathya sai Baba assets/Gold Bars and jewels and Cash to the credit of Government Treasury? why Karnataka state / Tamil Nadu state or Union Government is not taking action to bring the entire wealth / assets /money of Nityananda Trust to the Government Treasury? Is Government Bring in these Money in to Government Treasury than Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukerjee can announce the price per liter petrol at Rupees 45 or 50/=

similarly, huge percentage in followers to a Adigalar at adi parasakthi temple from reserve bank  (retired and in service)  is shocking . All knows to a super Power and omnipresent.

On these matters Press and media must react. just in the name of saving our culture and heritage ,these type of lootings and pleasures to few swamiji's/Guruji has to be completely banned. 

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