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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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As we, all know that, today there occur many diseases. Some of them are new. Some of them have medicated drugs and some do not have. Lot of

The people are suffering like this.

As we, all know that about twenty-five percent of the drugs are prepared by extracting the essence from the medicated plants. They are mostly available in the forest areas. Finding those, varieties are also not easy. if they are obtained then also they cannot be treated immediately as a medicine. They should undergo some tests and they should be applied to somebody, like this there are so many steps.

For example of about 3000 plants identified in the national cancer institute

As a source of chemicals, that fights cancer. About seventy percent are derived from the tropical forests.

Therefore, there are so many sources like this and so we should save those aspects to lead a good life.

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