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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do not wear Helmet? How to get cash from a t m?

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 How to get cash from a t m?
as a card holder, you can with draw cash from over 1 million visa/master cards a t  m’s ,including about 18000 a t ms in India .
Now you do not need to enter a bank any more .the power to access to cash at the press of a key is in your hands 24hour a day. to access cash from visa/master card a t m s ,all you have to do is
1.insert your card in to the machine as directed and wait till the machine prompts you to key in your personal identification number(pin).
2. Wait for a few seconds till the machine processes this pin .it will then ask you to key in the amount of cash you need.
The atm may disburse currency notes of a particular denomination only.
3. Wait for a few seconds till your card comes out and count your cash.

4.please do not wear Helmet while you use atm.

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