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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Increasing Gold Price is a Danger To Economy

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Hi this is about Increasing Gold Price is a Danger To Economy. yes! 

Increasing Gold price and decreasing Money Value or Purchasing Power of Money is becoming very Low is anindication that Indiagoing to be in a bad and severe Financial crisis. 

Banks will not be in a position to pay back your deposited Money in time . Reserver Bank will be in a trouble period after 2011 December. 

Indian Money Value is going down but if you watch on the other hand US Dollar rate is getting standard over a long period  it shows US iscoming back to Normlcy.

If Gold price increase is allowd further than Indian Government will face Huge Trouble from a People Revolution and the Government will Fall in a shonance Ministry  has to care on this. Increase in Price of Gold eratically on every day is not a quality growth.


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