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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cutting Edge Technology

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Hi dear friends and viewer's you are more valuable than my life value.Here is the message with the latest information letting you know Cutting Edge Technology.  Hi if you happend to go for a treatment than please get in to a hospital where the Cutting Edge Technology were available. they are ;

1.Cyberknife - Robotic Rediosurgery system,

2.320 Slice C T Scan,

3.64 Slice C T Scan,

4.Infection Free Operation Theatres,

5.Flat Panel cardiac cathlabs,

6.3 Tesia M R Is

7.Birthing suites,

8.Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy,

9.Computer Navigation system for joint replacements. so now you will be very clear about the cutting edge technology in a Hospital.

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