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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Get paid: Prayer to Lord Balaji at Tirumala

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Get paid: Prayer to Lord Balaji at Tirumala

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Prayer to Lord Balaji at Tirumala

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slide show on YouTube - Lord Tirumala

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Get paid: Mutt's and divine

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Get paid: Mutt's and divine: Mutt's and divine

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Mutt's and divine

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Mutt's and divine 

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Get paid: My Idea to MyGov - single windows for Company Reg...

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Get paid: My Idea to MyGov - single windows for Company Reg...: My Idea to MyGov - By My PMO - Mr.Modi :- Today I witnessed the great Presence and grand Speech delivered by Our Prime Minister Mr....

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My Idea to MyGov - single windows for Company Registration - arrange to issue an order to Remove Super Tax! Industrialists ,Professionals like I.T.,Auditors - C.A., Engineers , and Lawyers /Judges need to be awarded!

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My Idea to MyGov - By My PMO- Mr.Modi:-

Today I witnessed the great Presence and grand Speech delivered by Our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi at Indore.

In This Connection My Ideas follows.

In Our country Farmers are our Back Bone and Our survival is belonging on Their Best Living and Production.

Here I wish to say that our Government may plan accordingly to open Many Nationalized Bank Branches , at least one at a Village for exclusive purpose of Granting Loan and Recovering the same Loan . This recovery may be in the form of Products/grains /Money.
for this Same Banks need to Open Ware Houses to maintain and sell the same even at more price to gain profit to Banks.
For example in practical today we witness in all Vegetable Markets Like Koyambedu in Chennai ( a very Big Whole sale Market for Vegetables and fruits) Touts and or Brokers (probably these people belongs to political Parties doing all Binami actions) who Buy the entire quantity of a product and resell to  sellers in that 
Market. This is completely wrong is my opinion. These brokers do transactions in Huge Values but do not pay (sales Tax and or purchase Tax ) Revenue to Government is a open truth.

Why I object this because here either Farmers who were cultivated or the sellers to retailers/dealers are not Benefited.

As a end users we are also not benefited . as consumers we need to pay a higher rate for Purchases has becomes mandatory. Our savings or earning to consumers or Farmers or Sellers are Zero. But Few third party capturing the entire Margin or Benefits/Profits in few Hours on every day in Markets is a Truth.

 When we allow this situation continue than it is impossible to see bright developments in Farmers life ,which was an ambition of Our Father of our Nation Shri Mahatma Gandhiji.I Think You will agree with me.

Now this is the time to collect Payments against Loans even in the form of Products/finished goods.Banks can arrange to maintain a Department of staffs for this special purpose  and they can sell it to Whole sale sellers. in that Middleman/touts/brokers will be out from the business /trades and Government will also get started earning a Revenue from Recovery of Loans is a Possibility and a best service to bring developments in Farmers life.By this method   a team of Bank staff will be engaged with Farmers while they do Harvesting is the Truth. Today we have Huge Amount in Out Standing and earlier Union Government's wived off Loans amount about 5000 crores is the History ,off course this is a good thing But these type of Service/Help is required to be served to Farmers while they are in Trouble from Severe Storm,drought and other bad calamity situations.Why I say this because Money Floated in Banks is Public Money  Otherwise People Money . we and Our Government must be interested in Safe guarding and do all type of business in a secured manner is a must
Employment Opportunities in Banks will increase instantly is also a Good impact on this action.

So Bank Branches to care exclusively for Industrial Development, exclusively for Farming/Agriculture developments. In this those Banks can float Money properly on Loans and can recollect /recover very easily while they opted/decided to work along with the Farmers and Industrialists(small scale as well as Big scale).
On Regular periods These Branches must return Profits along with recovered loan statements to H.O is also a Must. The period may be between 60 to 90 Days in case of agriculture Loans. In this Government may come forward to Levy a Small amount of % as interest will be help to Farmers. 
Similarly Interest rate can be designed in different levels for Different amount of Loans and term for repayments to Industries will also work very well.
If you Notice right From Flowers sellers to vegetables and Fruits it is in Huge Volume in Terms of Rupees. But Government is not earning or Zero earning to Government in these sale transactions. I am not telling about road side shop sellers .This is particular about Huge Markets and Brokers (Binami of Politicians and rich people) .
Now this is MyGov to think and decide and design the revenue and structure of scale for writing Accounts to Business man/firm/company/Industry.

we Indians must be ashamed to say that Our Qualified Charted Accountants are forced to write many Wrong accounts to pay a small revenue as Tax to Government is also a Truth and shameful Act of Educated.
I strongly recommend to say MyGov need to pay its most kind attention to set an income to auditors/and or Lawyers,Bank Directors,  and to award awards like Padma Bushan to the outstanding who worked for Huge Revenue to Government.Sportsman/woman get awards But Industrialists ,Professionals like I.T.,Auditors - C.A., Engineers , and Lawyers /Judges need to be awarded for an enthusiasm and respect to their   Profession is My View.

 Please Notice or join with Auditors who write accounts for People in Film Industry is also a Very Low Tax earning to Government in comparison with the Real Investment in a Film is also a Knowledge available to us. Here also Educated must start respect the Good values of Education they obtained and may please start to write accounts for the development of The Nation and Not to pave way to increasing Black Money in India and Abroad.

So with the financial status and Turn over of Auditors Companies has to be streamlined by Government Policies to Bring Revenue either as Correct Tax payable by  their Clients or other ways from them or from their office is a must.

Government must frame certain Rules to bring Good Ethics to add Values to Auditing Profession and professionals.

One of my Friend is an auditor but changed his Profession as a Hindu saint. When I asked about the change and what made him to change his life as a saint? , he replied as follows.
 see,when I was an auditor I struggled to earn about 3 Lakhs to my firm per Month after written many wrong /Bogus / but now, after I converted as a saint I earn not less than 30 Lakhs from all over the world in to my Trust account ,he said. It was shocking  But alarming about Huge Tax Revenue Possibilities to Union Government from Such trusts by those saints. Government of India Not to allow all Trust to enjoy Tax exemptions on different Tax codes is also a must is my Strong Recommendation.
In Particular Many Trust started and saying working for Old Age Homes. For these Trusts they collect Huge Finds from Kind Hearts in Many Nations. And these Trusts also collect fund /sum of Rupees 4500 to 15,000 from Old Aged who took asylum in the Residence/buildings belongs to the those trusts.Here Government Must emphasize its clear Governance by framing Rules and Laws for Age Old Homes in India.
Industries may be a small scale or Middle size or Big Scale Industries. But It should not be allowed to Run on Street by allowed them to run in Residential Houses.
Once a Plan of a House is permitted to Living Purpose and the area is designated as Residential Area in which Commercial Purposes strictly not to be allowed. 
For example in most of the Shops Rented in Residential areas in which Grill Gates ,Grill Doors,are all Fabricated on Streets or Roads causing Difficulties to Pedestrians and vehicle operators and causing loss to government also. To Government since the shop attached with a House is on Residential connection for Water and electricity and others ,since These shops are not connected Industrial connections  For Electricity and water connection they pay Rates prescribed for residential purpose. 
so MyGov is to look in to this matter seriously and to offer Sheds in small scale Industrial sheds in the city , and may please ,also Please to arrive  (between Residential rates and Commercial Purpose rates for Industries) in between Rates for small scale Industries payable for Consumption of Electricity and water and light and others if any.

For example in my Residential area a Company recently started doing its Business in erecting 2G or 3G Spectrum Towers and servicing Spectrum Towers and selling Spares to Maintenance of Those Towers   belongs to Internet Providers ,Mobile providers and other Business.
But Shocking in this News is their is No Name Board either local language or in Hindi or in English stationed in the Business Premises. Information provides that this company engaging more than 600 Employees. 
So question arises?, 
what is the company Registrar office and its authority exercises?
What is the Role in this for Human Resource development Authority of Government  ?
What is the Role of Labor Department and authorities on this company?(this company work on 24 Hours in 7 days)?
How all Permissions Granted to this Company by Statutory Authorities?
Why The Company is located in Residential Area by occupying a House but Doing Commercial acts? 
And we do not know whether This  House where Power Link Company is situated has Commercial connections?If not than Government loosing Huge Revenue on those issues!.

All right , Now MyGov may please arrange to order to statutory Authorities of Government to know the List of Number of Companies similar to this in all States and may please dictate Rules to follow strictly.
Also MyGov may please issue an Government Order to Relocate Such Companies in a Special Location which can be designed /declared for the said purposes.
I believe MyGov may need to pay a special attention by arranging    single windows for Company Registration as told today by Mr.Shivraj Singh - Chief Minister -Madhya Pradesh in Presence of Mr.Prime Minister will work well.
In My Experience I have Noticed Many Large Scale Industries while crossing the Huge Turn Overs ,since not to pay Special Tax or additional Tax or Super Tax on sales they used rearrange the Purchases on another Company Name which has been generated For the Purpose suddenly in the Last quarter of Financial Year. 
so My Gov may please arrange to issue an order to Remove Super Tax brought in by Earlier Union Government's in Income Tax Codes of Discipline on Sales Tax.
By Doing this MyGov can get correct Sales Data and Sales Tax from all Industries this includes Automobile Industries ,could get Huge revenue in Sales tax form to Government,
Instead of allowing Industries to go for unhealthy Practices this reformation in sales tax is a Must is my Belief.

By Doing so ,Business will get Huge Promotions. For example in Automobile Industries You can see huge Volume in sales with Proper accounts in Books and also will increase employment opportunities to many .And Their is No Doubt ,Industrialists will Love to continue/Promote/Develop the Business/Trade and Love to support MyGov is my Strong Recommendation in my Opinions.

Thanks Rest of My Ideas in my Next Post.

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