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Friday, March 11, 2011


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Buzz It
Hi my dear friends ,follower's and viewer's here is a message about election result .

Tamil Nadu state assembly election is going to be conducted by election commission of India on April 13,2011.

In the contest People of Tamil nadu expected That the Congress will contest in all 234 constituencies, and the people have a soft corner towards congress. One reason for this is,few years ago , the brutal killing of a charismatic Leader  from Congress at Tamil nadu .
finding single congress person working for congress development is difficultYes! on date people at congress party at Tamil nadu were working for D M K, It means D M K party people exploits people in the nam of congress also is cannot be denied by anu one.

But congress Now allied with D M K party to face this election. before alliance itself both parties made unwanted  comments has created a negative waves in the poeple mind and it is going to result in failure in many places.at Tamilnadu.

The exact replica of the results we saw at Bihar is going to be at Tamil nadu.

 Mr. Lalo Prasad Yadav's Political party and congress had a Defeat and Mr.Nitish Kumar Party had a overwhelming Victory in the recent election held at Bihar is known to us.

The same result  is going to reflect at Tamil Nadu election on April 13,2011.
It means in debut B J P is going to get a Huge victory in Tamil Nadu election.

On the other Hand A I A D M K is also not in a position to make allies. the parties already as allies with the A I A D M K  has last Deposit in all contested constituencies in the last held Election for Parliament.Parties like MDMK,and party by Mr.VijayaKanth - an actor were last Deposit in the all  contested constituencies. so they last their Logo  of their party. This is also say the people at Tamil Nadu do not have faith on these political parties.

So I believe and advise , that is, if, A I A D M K contests in all 234 constituencies than it can be a grand Victory to that Party in this election on 13, April  2011.The only backlog is A I A D M K supremo will never take advise of any one is the History.

So Tamil Nadu People were ready to go for a new Government by a New party  is the Result.

Thank you.
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