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Monday, October 31, 2011

buy Gold coins

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On this world today any time money is available for gold. Other wise gold is a resource of saving or purchase which will enable you to exchange to money at anytime with out delay and disturbances.

The nationalized banks where also you can get money instantly across the table with safety for your gold .their is a trouble we find is also to be stated here. That is the bank’s are all not valuating the gold of us on today rate .it is still 25 to 30 % lesser than the market rate. the government of all nation must take care on this . because the price increase is subject to the government knowledge only. The same government is operating all banks.

The people buy gold and keep for future life security. But present life security is in danger to many.

In such a situation the government must instruct to banks to provide money on the current date value of gold (existing price in the market)otherwise people like me definitely think and say in confirm the government is running two status to the gold value /rate in the country. This is purely exploiting the people , the finance ministry and reserve bank were playing a dual game for gold in the country knowingly. in such a case the world bank and all nations must take action against this nature .

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Any time money counter of all banks shortly called as atm.

  It is in service for 24 hours except the money filling time. Normally the bank will keep about 12 lacs.or a fixed amount. so on every day after our withdrawals they will refill the money drawn in that 24 hours to bring the fixed a t m capital.

Here we withdraw money by using our credit and debit cards.

The debit card is the card having your own balance.

The credit card is the money lend to you by a bank for interest. (Multiple interest).

it is so high .but it is suitable for business man and at very emergency time to common people.

for this we are issue a p i n secret pin number. Atm machine will ask you for the pin number entry. with pin number you can draw money.

So it is advised to all users not to carry helmet and other companions with you . the secret number shall not be known to any one. except you.

The reflection in the helmet will give the message of pin number to others following.

Always keep the door closed as soon you enter the a t m cabin.

In a t m operation multinational bank are all very successful in operation style. the government bank is trying to reach that level.

In a t m you can also credit your payments directly or issuing a check in favor of your account.

Not to forget to recollect the card of you from the machine soon you finish your transactions.

Here in transaction you have the facility to view the available balance, enquiry, changing password option, etc.

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