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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Entertainment - Kamal Haasan's in Film "'Vishwaroopam'" - a multi facet built in actor from Tamil Nadu to this world!

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This is about a Revolution in Entertainment!.


Kamal Haasan's in Film "'Vishwaroopam'" - a multi facet built in actor from Tamil Nadu to this world wish to release this Film in DTH. 
1. Theaters owners were not granting theaters to release is a reason. Theaters were not available.
2. Kamal wish to release this 'Vishwaroopam' in DTH directly through satellite is a best attempt.
3. This will be a great endeavor.
4. Kamal has to think about attempting the same release with many Places  could bring an end to this Cinema theater availability problem.
yes, Kamal may ask his Team to arrange all Big Kalyana Mandapam's/Marriage,wedding Halls  in India and Big Halls with a capacity of 200 to 300 in one sitting to view in Hotels can be used on Rental to relay this Film. This will enable a new record that is Maximum people viewed a cinema in One day in the world Guinness Records.
Huge collection on One day from a film will be the other Guinness Record.


I have one more idea to spare , but i Like to spare this idea if possible to Mr.Kamal exclusively.This idea will automatically ban New Film DVD in Market in few days from the date of release!.

Now Government/Politicians support is sorted to care this Problem. In future this situation in Film Industry must be eradicated/avoided.
But using my idea Politicians and People who wish to Damage the values of a film and actors can be completely avoided.Only Producer,and Film Release centers and People are benefited over an entertainment's.

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