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Saturday, December 11, 2010


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Hi my dear readers ,viewers, followers and broad casting friends thank you all for staying at this blog to read new posts on every day . This is the secret of my energy.

Here is a Glorious message about Gharib Nawaz. He is great saint and is a spiritual world force. His name echoes and reechoes not only in every part of India, but also beyond the Himalayas and the seas.

My dear esteemed friends and followers of this blog please read the following lines in which I shared my personal experience. Gharib Nawaz Dharga at ajmeer is a center of hope to myriads of people from many religions, castes, creeds and nationalities.

He inspired and guided people during his lifetime and he continues to guide and inspire even now. Yes! I had a best experience when I visited Ajmeer along with my guru sheik Dilawar Hussein is a memorable moment in my life. The Dharga people were highly charity minded. Even i did not paid even a single rupee to my guru till date from the date of this journey. 

This is as per the  message from Gharib Nawaz as usual in my Guru dream. so he called me and told that you have to leave your family for 13 days and to be with me in a trip to Ajmeer, he said.So he took me to Ajmeer on his own expense and treated me as his son even not as a disciple. 

When we are at dharga I recited sura yasiin and others. At that time in my prayer my eyes were closed with a sensational prayer. My guru sri Dilawr Hussain and his wife and his family members were finished their prayer and gone out of dharga. but At that situation I heard a sound voice  asking me to recite Dua E Jameela felt The voice I heard  is of Gharib Nawaz.because Nobody were present in my surrounding. The voice telling me that want to hear dua e jameela from you at all times. Go ahead. This is my best and wonder in my experiences in my fifty years of age.   Though, Gharib Nawaz was at the Lotus feet of Lord Allahu he still live at ajmeer dharga and witnessing every thing can be realized by every devotee on his prayer. Please have a visit to this shrine to have a glorious life.

Even after reading this post you will experience a good luck because of my Khwaja Garb Nawaz. This is a great day in my life and I am much thankful to Gharib Nawaz for allowing this servant to write this post. I was planning to write this post from 2008 but today I feel that the permission granted. Unless he decides ,you cannot near him even you may have lot of treasures/may be a king or queen/powerful ruler.The Gift

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Hi my dear friends and readers at this blog here is a great news about Living God.
The Living god is our beloved saint Hazarat Khawaja Gharib nawas. Khawaja Gharib nawas had the Honor of seeing the Holy Prophet Muhammad along with outstanding saints in dreams continuously for forty nights, and  Gharib Nawaz was gifted with high spiritual Powers. Leaving Baghdad he reached Herat.

kul hazarat mehbubay subhuhani sheik syed abdul kadir jilani alahissalam.
Here I would like to refer about Hazarat abdul kadiril Jilani. who is a Guru to This Powerful saint ,also to Note Abdul Kadiril Jilani is not an arabi. His Darga and saint peter church were almost similar in the appearence.
From Herat he proceeded to ubzawar. in afghanisthan. The ruler of this place ,Muhammad Yadgar was a tyrant.He owned a beautiful garden with a fountain in the city. Gharib Nawaz entered the garden and offered paryers therein.
In the meanwhile news reached that ruler Yadgar Muhammad  was to visit the garden and servants began to be made for his reception. A servant of yadgar Muhammad,seeing Gharib Nawaz there submitted to him thus:"the tyrant is to reach here very shortly.It is not proper for you to sit in the garden any longer.Better it is if you leave the Garden.
Khawaja gharib Nawaz, seeing the servant, so upset and perturbed,smiled and said, "if thou art really afraid, go and sit under the yonder tree , and see what the almighty God does."
The conversation was still on when the servants began to spread the carpet near the fountain. but they were so much over powered by the personality of Khawaja Gharib Nawaz that they had not the courage to ask him to leave the place.
In the Meanwhile , Yadgar Muhammad entered the garden. seeing Gharib Nawaz sitting there he scolded his servants, as to  why they had allowed him to sit there. Hearing this words, Gharib Nawaz lifted his head high. the moment Yadgar Muhammad saw eye to eye , he trembled and fainted.seing all this , his companians got perturbed, and fell down on the feet of Gharib Nawaz.Gharib Nawaz pointed towards one of the servants . He fetched a little water from the mountain ,Garib nawaz recited the name of god ,Most gracious,Most merciful on the water and sprinkled it on the face of yadgar Muhammad. He recovered his senses and tendered his respectful apology.Gharib nawaz implored forgiveness of his sins, and offered prayers to God in Thankfulness.

Subsequently Yadgar Muhammad become unique disciple of Garbnawaz and he distributed all his property amongst the needy and poor and renounced the world.He began to live in the company of Gharib Nawaz. Than Gharib Nawaz moved   from shadman fort Lahore via multan.From Lahore he proceeded to Delhi in India. on the way he stayed at Samana in Patiala.
Than he reached Ajmer with forty followers in 1191 A.D. So We got a Living God in India.
 many interesting informations to come in the following posts. please do not miss it. 

One example if you read this post in full you face a miracle in your life.  Syed Rizwan Ali Chishty  family at Fazal Manzil  caring devotees in a very plesant manner.. This is my personal experience from 10th may 2007 to 13/5/2007..  They do all with spiritual minded. A great experience to me. I wish you all to have the same from syed Rizwan Ali chisty family. 

Thank you. visit again to read more miracles, ya gharibnawas alaihissalam.may hazrat pour his blessing on me because being a beloved to him I am struggling. Decision Points
The Gift

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here a flash news to this present world is about "Love Sickness'".
Many decades ago the great poet of Iran Shirazi narrates that the disease of infatuation and Love Sickness had reached "epidemic proportions" in Damascus.
Allah anger and wrath was  inflamed and the entire populace was afflicted by a terrible drought and famine. Close to perishing,due to hunger a few of the so- called "Lovers" were given an option between their "beloved" and a slice of bread.
One slice of bread was sufficient to extinguish their "passion"and Romance".The Gift 
Decision Points 
Inception (Three-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) 

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