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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Humble message to Rangaraj Pandey R - Editor in Chief, Thanthi TV

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Rangaraj Pandey R - Editor in Chief, Thanthi TV   

Why we could not found even a single person in M.L.A.’s AND M.L.C.’s of any state  and M.P’s of present parliament and Minister’s in Union Government and Minister’s in all State’s and Politician’s  (Except Mr. Rahul Gandhi )
in line/queue standing in front of any Branch of any Bank’s in India? Don’t you think this is a surprise and shocking?


As a citizen and than as a employee received  Income tax deducted salary . Than That salary is credited in a Bank account of that same employee of a concern/company/firm/institution. Than  the Employee withdraw the salary money from any A T M it releases in Rupees 500,1000 currencies and with 5 no's or lesser of !00 Rupees Currencies is a well known fact to ann Banks. 
so automatically Families are forced to have currencies in Rupees 500,1000 denomination's. and now the same people in that families forced to stand in line or queue in any branch of a bank for exchange or Deposit work.  Above all People working in I T Industries might be having currencies  in Rupees 500,1000 may exceed Rupees 2.50 Lakhs is a strong possibility . In such  a case for this income tax paid accumulated money in a family ,just for depositing the same  at their Bank account not to be penalize at this critical Juncture ,why because this employee just respected and responded the Government Order  announced by Prime Minister of INDIA.  

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