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Monday, July 6, 2009

Bollywood and Cricket

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Hi my dear viewer's hope you will be fine ,and interested in viewing this blog for many information's from the click the clink area of a post. Please wait The advertiser's will also eagerly will offer opportunities ,which in turn will be published as apost in this blog. You will be benefited from the posts. All right ,Here Message that matter’s Money. Yes, this is the latest information letting you know,Bollywood and Cricket.Cricketers love to be in movies;Moviw stars want to  play cricket.chronicling a love story,this IPLseason.  This is a real matter happening today in the world.  A cricketer can become a hero but  the movie has to be accepted by people.similary a  film hero may play cricket or some other means of entries in cricket to  strengteh his/her popularity in this world. Both the concept /feeling/ambition is totally wrong.  A cricketer may feel that by acting in a movie/add films he can score huge money and fame. This  is also wrong. In all these days we saw many happening but a utter failure results. so Both must start think that they have born for  the field hwere they are doing well. A crickter must show his high results in his area. like that a Hero must try to  bring out his maximum output in doing any role . By this both people can satisfy their fans and lover's.

Both can enter in to politics ,because both earn huge money out of their jobs. they can do their sincere social responsibilities in making the country colourful in all walks of life.

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