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Monday, April 21, 2014

Diabetes is more Dangerous than Nuclear Bomb? so Do Not est Onion From Lahore -Pakistan!

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Diabetes is more Dangerous than Nuclear Bomb? so Do Not est Onion From Lahore -Pakistan!

A Nuclear Atom Bomb will kill all living Instantly against its use, But Onion in Blue color from  generated with in built Diabetes Generating elements

Diabetes in its start it offers many symptoms ,on its development, so  a Doctor or a Nursing Home or Hospital which is prescribing from small percentage to maximum percentage of  medicine in strength and on other hand the same diabetes  in Human Health collapse  Genetic power in Human Body. Unbalanced Carbohydrate or Increased or decreased Glucose in blood to be controlled ,for that you must eat "Karotine" available food , that Bitter guard. yes, eat Bitter guard /karela/pavakkai  which is easily balancing your Carbohydrate level in your health.

That is a Man and woman will loose completely his Power and interest  in sex. it means his or her genetic power is collapsed ,so automatically Birth's in future will be stopped or Banned. No More Future Generations , this is also a way in action in destroying countries in our World!?

so My Humble request to you all - on your Health and Healthy India please use Onion is Gold color and must avoid Onion in Blue or Violet color. This Blue or Violet color Onions may be imported  from any country but that is in-planted Diabetes Disease.

Diabetes in connection to Number of patients or affected  in India is Not on hereditary .

a message says that Diabetes is generated in your health through your consumption or eating  Medicines or Tablets or Capsules for your health like Multi Vitamins capsules or Tablets and or sex promoting medicines .

a message says that Diabetes granules are in added in Multi Vitamins and Health enhancing Tablets or Capsules, so please avoid buying  medicines Directly at Medicals shops with out Doctor's prescriptions.

so avoid buying or consuming Blue or Violet color Onion in Your Food. save Indians. 

eat one full Karela or Bitter guard ,cut in to small pieces and eat in empty stomach on a day in the fresh morning in a month . do this once in a day in a Month and than repeat it on another day in the next month. similarly on the third month. Thats all. you will be away from Diabetes for more than a year . in fact your health check on Diabetes check will show you are with low sugar and you ust keep a chocolate or sugar with you to face/compensate  low sugar.

take care of your health.  World Immunization Week 2014 24th to 30th April. Your Health is at your hand 


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