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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Naveen Jain

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Hi my dear readers, followers and media friends thank you for your kind support and regular visit at this blog to read the new post. Once gain thank you for reading the post in full.

Here is a message about Naveen Jain. Yes! He is the founder of a popular site connected to service Industry in Internet.  The site popularity made many to write about Naveen Jain. I am so proud that we have born in 1959 in India. Naveen Jain was also inspired and following businesspeople such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to reach self-made successful man in Internet world.

He is so lucky to born in Jainism. Jainism is popularly known religion and which against any harm to any living things. Jains follow Thirtahnkar. In which 24th thirtahnkar was Lord Mahaveer.

Jains were in three divisions. They are baisamdha, minthirmarg, and therapanthi. They chant Prathikraman for five times in a day. Jains were mostly charity minded in India. They do lot of charity development work in the world. From this community Naveen Jain has born and with his high efforts gained high professional knowledge and owning this site for services to the world in Internet. I have got my best experiences from Jains in my child age .also when my life partner underwent cancer treatment few persons helped me a lot. Now, again my wife has to undergo hernia surgery, for that also few persons have told that they will help. Why I mentioned these because to confirm that they were charity minded.

So Naveen Jain would have come to this internet to do much to us. He is the owner of Intelius.com. This site provides all information’s about all matters and persons in a short time. This is a site to help to know about any person from internet quickly to react. So this is a boon to Internet users and people on the earth. Please click here Intellius to enjoy this site.

Thank you.

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Luxury-Globalization of business

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Hi my dear readers,viewers,followers,and Google users ,media,press,and broad casting friends Thank you all. Once again I like to draw your kind attention on this new message.

The new message is about Luxury-Globalization of business. Day time sleep is physiologically different from the nights undisturbed. Globalization of business has resulted in 24 hour communications, accessible day and night on the Internet and mobile.

International Air Travel is now almost as frequent as domestic. Like kayak.com many arranges your travels and helps you to get benefited.

All these travels and any time work were disturbed the food and sleep in time to an extent which can not be denied.

Change in routine and old age that cause people to sleep less. Mental illness is also known to interfere with sleep.

So take care of your health and please design your food and sleep to a schedule.

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