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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Organizing America

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Hi my dear readers and friends here is a message about Organizing America.  .

In technology connected to I T Industry we people use computer and Internet for the major work and share in operation by Microsoft and Google. Just think and imagine this world with out this I T Industry, Computer and Internet Industry and Team with increasing population of this world. I strongly will say crores and crores of people survive because of these industries. Otherwise Lot of confusions would have erected, in connection to the confusions few years back itself this world would have faced the Third world war with the use of atoms. We all aim not to have any war on this world. To the maximum extent the computer/I T Industry has helped a lot to this world in overcoming many matters directly or indirectly .Also to note in overcoming financial crisis also This Industries with their team doing their best is also known to us. So let us also support to them by purchasing genuine branded products only from the authorized market.

 Both American Government and U N O and Nobel Prize commitee has to think in this matter to honor them for the happenings globally.Governments can recommend both, chairman-Microsoft,and chairman - Google for Nobel Prize or any award more than that keeping in mind their services including noble causes. 

I like to take liberty and privilege to say this following line. This is to all Industries connected to computer and Internet promotions. You are all working together to reach the highest on every day. Every attempt gives us an innovation. So I feel that you can adhere the following in united. In competition you should not to allow furious market growth. It is unfortunate it is raising and growing on every day. Media and press were also not taking action on this is a peculiar one in this world. They were very sound in action and alerting people even in the matters of human body parts lootings and why they have not concentrated in huge money flowing business which struck the economy. At present you and all the government knew this furious market growth. The world is in financial disturbance, so now you all need to take kind attention and action on this.

Yes! Please say to all end users of Computers and Internet to furnish their invoice details of their computer /laptop/accessories purchases. With this if you reveal and offer warranty settlements you can boost the original equipment sales in the market. Automatically the furious sellers will be vanished from the market. Opportunities are taken quickly by furious spare market and it is up to you to decide and accept the task before all warranty (claims including purchases from unauthorized market people) are settled.

This is the decision has to be taken collectively by all Industries connected to computer and computer accessories & peripherals.

This step will prove as a great boon to sales and marketing .Hope you will do this. Governments will also very good revenue towards sales tax.To the expected level governments may also can extend their support in this matters.

Thank you. Please visit more and more to read many more matters to come. I will be back with a new post in a short while.

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