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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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This is the latest information letting you know, Inter operability.Ability to work with each other. In the loosely coupled environment of a service - oriented architecture, separate resources do not need to know the details of how they each work, but they need to have enough common ground reliably exchange messages with out error or misunderstanding through DLLs.
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Mr. Mahatma Gandhi had a very high interest and influence on vaishanavism and its cultural heritage. To the same extent Mr.Rajiv Gandhi is also had attachment, influence and interest in vaishnavism.

This is for your kind information that Mr.Rajiv Gandhi was the first chairman/chair Person for the Vaishnav sat sangam at Bahrain. He was the person who organized and lighted this Function few years back at Bahrain. Here it is visible that Mr.Rajiv Gandhi had high interest with Vaishnavism.

The Function hosted at Bahrain is the very good matter to Note, which is a proof for he had the best foreign relation and Love at Gulf Countries or the Gulf countries love on Indians.

Rajiv Gandhi Grown at Italy married srimathy sonia gandhi as pilot and as a Indian landed in to Indian politics due to his mother Srimathy IndiraGandhi's sudden death.Unfortunately he died at a young age at sriperumbudhur ,which is also a shrine of vaishnav people. His Holiness sri Ramanujar , a Jeer mutt Divine Guru ,whose principles leads vaishnav's even today was also had Thoughts like sri Rajiv Gandhi is also to be noted.

Let us pray that Sri Rajiv gandhi sole let live in peace.

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