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Sunday, October 23, 2011

credit card /debit card

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 How to use your -card?
Using your card is very simple. Once you have made a purchase at any of the merchant establishments that display the VISA/MASTERCARD SIGN. Please present your card as the mode of payment.
The establishment will prepare a charge slip .very much like a normal bill ,which contains the details of the transaction.
Please verify the amount and ensure the other particulars on your charge slip are correct.
Kindly add the amount paid as tips and miscellaneous expenses and ensure that the total amount is filled .check the amount in words.
Please sign on the charge slip at the place indicated in the same way as you have signed on the back of your card. you will be returned a copy of the charge slip ,the actual bill and your card.
before you leave ,please ensure that you have received your card.
the amount you spend on your card will appear in your monthly statement. you can choose to pay in full and not pay any finance charges.alternatively,you can choose to spend your payments as per your requirements.
in case if you use your card in a foreign country ,then immediately after your return to your mother land ,give information to the bank, issued your card to cancel .avail a fresh one to avoid any misuse by anybody. This is must for your safety.

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