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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Television broadcasting network and education.

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Here is a message about Next Generation. We are noticing and enjoying all developments leading to next generation. It is pleasure to note that T.V.Channel programmed for children.
Children were found to be very happy in witnessing these channels. But Television channels must take a care on Next generation. Present children were going to be the next generation. While watching these channels at all times how we can get proud children as proud next generation. it is not possible. It is not in the hands of parents. Parents failed in all their attempts because such an attractive programmed at these channels attract children and makes them to sit before Television. In school days children will be at school. So relaying at day time will not yield results.
Children   watch the channel except the time children sleep On Holiday. Then we are irresponsible citizens to the country. so design to relay the channel for 2 hours in the evening on school days and in holidays 3 hours in morning and 3 hours in evening.  This is the only way to restrict children watching children channels and to get the next generation the best.
Please think and care our children.
Thank you.

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